Thanks to Jeremy and Jessica at Crooked Goose, I got to sample some of their amazing chicken wings! We're getting ready for King of the Wing Monday, where you can come taste all these great wings, and then tell us who's got the best wings in the West Michigan area!

First up are the Grilled Caribbean wings. These have been a big favorite every year, winning last year, and coming in second the year before. A different kind of wing, as they're grilled and not coated with sticky sauce. They have a great char flavor to them as well, that gives you an amazing backyard BBQ experience.

Second are the Crooked BBQ wings. These have Frank's Red Hot in the BBQ sauce, but it doesn't overpower the flavor, and makes these wings tickle your nose as you enjoy the sweet flavor of the wing.

Then there are the amazing Sweet Garlic Soy wings. These are my favorite so far this year. Sort of like a candied chicken wings! They have a great flavor, aren't super aggressive with either garlic or soy, and have a nice clean finish, even though this is one of the stickier sauces they're presenting.

Finally, their great Traditional Sweet BBQ wings are great for those who aren't looking for spicy. Amazing sweet BBQ flavor on their perfectly cooked chicken wings.

Make sure you come out to King of the Wing, and sample all the wings, so you can tell us who has the best wings in the area! It's happening Monday, March 21st at Divani!

And if you want great wings anytime, this is definitely the place to come, especially on Wednesdays, as the Crooked Goose has 79-cent wings ALL DAY!