Today was a good day. We got to sample a lot of great wings, in preparation for Monday's King of the Wing at Divani. We were lucky enough that Smokey Bones on 28th brought us some amazing wings and ribs this morning for us to kick off our day! Jojo Girard, Andy Rent, and I got to eat this amazing food for breakfast!

Smokey Bones is a great BBQ place on 28th street, and on Mondays they have a really cool thing for wing lovers: All You Can Eat Wings from 9p to 2a! You now know where you can find the entire GRD staff on Monday nights!

They brought their amazing smoked wings for us to sample, and it's what they're bringing on Monday for King of the Wing. They smoke them with a dry rub for a couple hours, then add more dry rub and a sweet BBQ sauce to make a fantastic chicken wing that has a lot of depth of flavor.

Will it be named the King of the Wing? Come out on Monday to Divani and vote, so you can tell us what the best wing in West Michigan is!