Man's best friend, indeed!

A dad has gone viral after he was captured sporting matching "cones of shame" to support his pup after surgery.

Good Boy Ollie was snapped sitting on his dad's lap on the sofa after having surgery on his eye.

To make Ollie feel more comfortable, the dad put a pink cone around his neck as he sat there and tried to enjoy some tea.

TikTok user and daughter Alex Morgan shared the viral clip, which has amassed over 2 million views via TikTok to date.

"Is it just my dad?" she captioned the video.

"Not my dad wearing a cone to make my dog feel less lonely after his surgery," she titled the clip, adding: "I swear it's always the dads who didn't want a dog that end up loving them the most."

Watch the adorable clip here:

Viewers have fallen in love with Alex's dad, praising him for supporting Ollie.

"Not all heroes wear capes… they wear cones," one user wrote, while another commented: "OMG this is so great! Made my day! How wholesome your dad is!"

Alex reassured her followers that Ollie is doing "great" after having "surgery to remove a lump from his eyelid."

Ollie is also TikTok famous, with over 2.8 million followers on the social media platform.

His videos often go viral of him hilariously balancing objects on his behind.

Watch one clip of the trick here:

In the clip Ollie reenacts Kim Kardashian's internet-breaking Paper magazine cover shoot where the SKIMS founder balances a champagne glass on her infamous booty.

"Ollie Kardashian," one user commented on the sweet clip, while another said: "I laughed louder than is socially acceptable."


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