We've never seen an Eagle fly like this NFL Blitz-like launch which happened during Madden NFL 15.

Vine user SCKNOWS has recorded and uploaded this hilarious in-game glitch of Madden NFL 15. Thanks to the Bleacher Report, we have seen this video and its lineman-launching hijinks in action. While the video itself is a bit fuzzy in its quality, it looks like Cedric Thornton of the Philadelphia Eagles' defensive line collides with Jake Long, the left tackle for the St. Louis Rams. Their initial impact is what you'd expect from two 300+lb guys colliding on the field. All of this changes when you can see Thornton getting launched 50 feet into the air and 40 yards down the field after hitting the ground. If only Alex Henery could kick a ball like that, the Eagles could be wearing Super Bowl rings next year.

We have also found another video replicating this glitch during a game between the Chiefs and the Giants (courtesy of YoshiuTV):

If you think watching this video was both weird and hilarious, you should listen to Luke explaining the curse that follows every Madden cover athlete. 

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