"Reddit users give tips on how you can make yourself more attractive to people of the opposite sex." That sounds like you're getting dating advice from people who are borderline shut-ins and spend all their time on some website, hiding their own attractiveness and...oh, wait...that's exactly what it is.

Well, some of it isn't too bad, so here it goes:

  • Be Decisive. No more wishy-washy "what do YOU want to do" crap. Have a plan, stick to it.
  • Play up your positives. You've got something cool about you, right? Emphasize that, and hide the crazy. Seriously. That's what they're doing, just hiding the crazy.
  • Play guitar. Reddit says to "develop a neat skill or hobby", but we all know that means to learn the guitar. Guitars are cool, man.
  • Pay attention. I know you're just thinking about a narrow area above the knees and below the belt, but women apparently like it when you actually take an interest in what they're saying. Imagine that.
  • Be smart. Well, Reddit thinks you should "always be learning". Potato, potatoe.
  • Love yourself. But not in the "Something About Mary" right before the date kind of loving yourself. You're awesome, remember that. Okay, maybe love yourself in the bathroom a little before you go out...couldn't hurt.
  • Don't take yourself so seriously. You know that guy...don't be him.
  • Take the initiative to fix the stuff that's wrong with you. In case there's a lot, do it a bit at a time. Don't try to fix crazy, weight, fashion, hobbies, speech impediments, and shyness all at the same time. Work on something, get it fixed, and then move to the next thing.
  • Let go of trying to be attractive. But only if you're trying too hard. I guess it comes across as desperation when you're trying really hard to be attractive, and just becomes weird.

There are more, but they're to boring pieces of advice. If you want to read those, follow this link.

Now, get out there and be hot! Or whatever it is that people say now. If you're not hot, then learn the guitar.

Seriously...the guitar thing works.