Dating in 2021: want to get a COVID test together? 

Since the pandemic dating has been difficult on single people. In the first half of it, the entire world was on lockdown so people had to resort to virtual dates. Now, as we come towards the end of the pandemic (fingers crossed), people are including things in their dating profiles that would’ve made you say “WTF?!” before, such as “fully vaccinated” or “COVID worthy.” 

With all that said, it only makes sense that Tinder is hooking people up (and their potential hook up) with free COVID tests. They’re giving away 1,000 free self-testing kits to 500 couples who matched on their app that way they can take their "flirt sesh" to the next level.

Tinder partnered with the company Everlywell for the promotion, and the kits will arrive in the mail. So if there’s someone who intrigued you enough to swipe right, but you want to be extra safe before you set an in-person date, this is your chance to make things happen! 

The contest is being held on Saturday, March 20 at 7p. The 20th also happens to be the first day of Spring and according to Tinder “people are more ready than ever” to go on a date and this way people can safely meet.

Earlier this week, the dating app made headlines as they announced a new service that will allow people to run background checks on their dates. It's expected to roll out in the next few months.

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