I'm sorry...I'm dying looking at the picture above. I'm not even sure I can write this post, I'm laughing so hard. Why the hell would someone even THINK of doing this to a cat and taking a picture of it?

Anyway...let me compose myself, and try to get this out.

I found this awesome article on EliteDaily.com called, "21 Completely Logical Reasons You Should Date a Man with a Beard", and I have to share it with you.

Not because I now have a beard, since I haven't been a regular beard-wearer in my life, but because some of the reasons are funny!

Forget the "rugged and manly" reasons that guys with bears will throw at you, I'm going to focus on the fun ones that might be a little dirty, or something you might not have thought about.

2. Kissing is more fun. I've noticed in the past that quite a few women like the "scratchies" on their face when they kiss. There's usually a giggle when they say it. Not the unshaven rough scratchies...the grown hair can be tickly.

3. He goes down better. Imagine the tickly, scratchy fun of kissing...but in a totally more fun area! There are a lot of fun, sensitive areas down there, just waiting for a good beard-tickle!

5. It's fun to stroke. We all tease Angela, always making jokes about him silently stroking his beard while she talks. I know you've seen this happen with bearded dudes before, so you know how funny that mental image can be.

11. It's a symbol of viritily and wisdom. Beards immediately impart an aura of wisdom for some reason. Sadly, they don't make us actually smarter or more wise, but we like to think they help.

They do, however, make us look like we're mature and ready to handle the business, if you know what I'm saying. No? It makes us look like we're ready to practice making babies, if not actually get down to the making babies for real part.

18. It reminds people of Jesus.

Wait, what?

Do women really want to be on a date with Jesus? Is it just the idea that he can turn their water into wine, so no one has to pay for wine all night? Or do women want to do the nasty with the son of God?

Um...women are kinda weird.

20. He will always have conditioner at home. On those nights you stay over (molesting the son of God, apparently), you know your hair won't be too screwed up the next day, since the bearded one will have some hair products to help you out in the shower the next morning.

21. It's kind of like having a big dick. Apparently, growing a beard can give women the notion that he's pretty hefty in the package department. Which could just be a tip for guys:

Grow a beard to make women think you're well-hung.

JW Beard
I have a new-found respect for the beard!

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