It's got chocolate. It's got wafers. It's sharable among hungry pals. What's not to love about breaking off a piece of that Kit Kat bar? But do you know how it's made?

Thanks to a new viral video, the sugary secrets are being revealed as one popular YouTuber claims to know what happens behind the scenes while creating the delicious candy lover favorite.

On YouTube, Zack D Films shared a video titled "The Inside of Kit Kats Are Not What You Think."

The video has amassed nearly 11 million views, where Zack claims to break down the manufacturing process of making the candy treat.

"They [Nestlé] claim it's just a crisp wafer. But what they actually use to make it might surprise you," Zack says in his video as he cuts through a Kit Kat bar to reveal its crumble texture inside.

"Some Kit Kats get broken while they're being made," he explained, adding, "So, instead of throwing them out, the company crushes them up and adds sugar. That's what's on the inside of Kit Kat bars – it's literally crushed up Kit Kats"

In the comments, viewers are gob-smacked to learn how Kit Kats were made using discarded Kit Kats.

"No way a Kit Kat is inside of a Kit Kat, I never would have thought!" one viewer wrote.

"This takes recycling to another level," another commented.

"What's that cake made out of? It's made out of cake," someone else joked.

"So then…what was the original Kit Kat bar made of?" someone else questioned.

While we know Nestle introduced us to Kit Kats in 1935, we will have to wait in suspense for a follow-up video to be shared answering the lingering question.

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