We'll start this off by simply asking, "Is hell a curse word?”  There's that age-old argument that if you're talking about the place, then fine.  But if you're using it in other ways, your mom may have the right to get after you…or in this case, just cry. 

According to the title of this video, there is a new challenge called "The Hell Challenge."  Basically, the daughter asked her mom, “Mom, do you think hell is a curse word?"  Mom innocently replied, "Uh, it can be used that way.”  Then, the daughter instigates her poor mom by saying "Why the hell didn't you tell me!?" and keeps using "hell" in a way that must be terrifying for her mom, because mom then starts crying, asking her husband "Why does she keep cursin' me!?

Eventually, everyone started arguing and we've now learned that "hell" may be a real curse word after all! Or the real curse here is that this mom has to deal with her bully daughter…or that this daughter has to deal with an overly-sensitive mom.  You choose.

We're probably just going to leave this one at, "It's all about perspective."

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