You may think that when you call the police in an emergency, they should be able to figure out exactly where you are by pinging your cell phone like they do on TV, but that's not the case. The Kent County Sheriff's Department is encouraging all residents to register with Smart911, which will allow officers to find you more easily in an emergency.

In a post on Facebook Wednesday, the sheriff's department explained the importance of Smart911.

Basically, when you call 911 from your cell phone, police only get a general idea of where you are. Since 82% of 911 calls in Kent County come from cell phones, police say it's a good idea for everyone to sign up for Smart911.

With Smart911, you can register your cell number and associate your address with that number. You can add in other addresses, as well, including your work, or any other place that you may frequent. While police will still likely only get a range of where you are from your cell phone, they can then narrow down where you might be based on your Smart911 information.

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