DECEMBER 24, 2021 UPDATE: Huck is doing well. Huck is under the care of the head of orthopedics at Michigan State University. He still has a long road to recovery.

He was recently spotted getting his picture taken with Santa at Tractor Supply in Lowell...

Imagine taking your dogs for a walk, only to hear a gun fire, and then realize one of your dogs has been shot.

That's exactly what happened to Gail Roderick on Saturday, September 18th. She was walking with her three dogs at the Saranac/Lowell State Game area at approximately 6:45 pm. Her Australian Cattle Dog, Huck, was walking in front of her when she heard the shot and saw her dog had taken a bullet. Even after she yelled "you shot my dog, where are you?" someone fired off two additional shots. The best guess is the shooter was down by the river bank and shooting in a southward direction.

Gail has filed a police report with the Kent County Sheriff's Department. They would like your help to track down whomever it was who fired off these shots and injured Gail's dog. If you know anything, please call the Sheriff's Department at (616) 632-6100. Refer to incident number #21-143866 when giving your information.

Gail's daughter, Emma Wikstrom, posted on Facebook that "The only open season on state land is small game, Huck is a 50 pound dog, unable to be mistaken for either small game or even a deer if they were in season. This was deliberate and we need help finding who is responsible before a hiker or their pet are killed."

As for Huck -- he will be ok and is receiving excellent care at the Emergency Animal Clinic. Fortunately, the bullet missed all of his internal organs, but it did shatter part of his leg. He will eventually be transferred to an Orthopedic specialist to begin his long road of recovery.

Here is the Facebook post from Gail's daugher, Emma...



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