Someone has to buy this place and not only keep it going, but keep the name!

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After 52 years in business, a beloved ice cream shop in Lowell, Mich. is shutting down. It's got one of the best business names I have ever heard - Ball's Softee Cream!

Ball's Softee Cream, Facebook
Ball's Softee Cream, Facebook

Yes, Ball is a family name, and after more than five decades, the Balls have decided to close their ice cream joint on E. Main Street in Lowell.

Fritz Ball shared the news to Facebook saying,

The Ball family would like to thank everyone who has supported “Balls” throughout the years. We are very grateful for every last one of you!Balls Softee Creme is officially closing its doors.We know many of you will be sad. My family is very proud to have poured their blood, sweat, and tears into this place and served the Lowell community for 52 years! This was not an easy decision for the Ball Family to make.

In 2021, Ball's Softee Cream celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Lowell's First Look wrote at the time that Harold and Rose Ball opened the ice cream shop on E. Main St. in Lowell on Memorial Day 1971 with just some ice cream, cups, spoons, and napkins.

Ball's Softee Cream, Facebook
Ball's Softee Cream, Facebook

Eventually, toppings were added and Ball's expanded the flavor selection. By '77 or so, Ball's had started serving food and their famous chili was added to the menu.

In 1991, Harold and Rose's children, Colleen LaLone and Jim Ball, took over running the store. Jim told the Lowell Ledger people have been trying to get their chili recipe for years,

Somewhere along the line, probably about 40 years ago, my mom and dad found a recipe that they liked for chili, and they started making chili dogs. We only use meat from Gary's Country Meats for the chili. As long as I can remember, people have been trying to get that chili recipe out of us. I just laugh and say no.

Over the years, Ball's menu has included cones, malts, shakes, sundaes, flurries, Dole Whip, slushes, polish chili cheese dogs, chicken sandwiches, burgers, soft pretzels and more!

Ball Softee Cream, Facebook
Ball Softee Cream, Facebook

Ball's Softee Cream is now on the market.

  • 1,392 square-foot building with 2 electrical panels
  • 1 outdoor cooler
  • Large Kitchen Area
  • Office space
  •  Ample parking and storage
  • Detached 2 stall Garage with Water and Electricity

Check out photos and the price in the gallery below!

Ball's Softee Cream in Lowell, Mich., is Up For Sale

After 52 years in business, a beloved ice cream shop, Ball's Softee Cream in Lowell is on the market for $375,000. The property includes the 1,392 square-foot building, large kitchen area, office space, and ample parking.  

Gallery Credit: Janna

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