June 2017

AHH!! WTF MAN!? What has happened to my life? How did it happen so damn fast?

My own wife is trying to friend zone me.
She doesn't want to be together anymore but still wants to be friends...One day she's begging to work things out and the next day she's asking to move on...

Wtf kind of bulls--- is this?

Wtf am I supposed to do? Leave a job I’ve worked 8 years for? We suffered all those years to get here. 5 years ago, I was sleeping in the parking garage of the station because I couldn't afford to get back and forth from home and my internships...I did that s--- so some day we could benefit from the hard work and sacrifices...

You hate Michigan this much? F--- I wish it wasn’t in Michigan...This isn't my favorite state either, but we had a pan! I wish there was something I could do about it. Whatever I choose I will regret one or the other. My biggest fear in life is to regret. I don’t have room for more regret... my heart and soul is already full... I want my cake and eat it, too... dammit.

How did s--- get this bad this fast? No warning shots. I guess my poor communication is to blame here. I gotta figure out a way to stay positive. I can't let this break me. F that. Been through too much... this pain isn't new...  just been a minute.

Man up mofo! Make yourself proud! All that crap you lived through has prepared you for this. It's just pain... Pain is temporary but victory is forever... supposedly.

I am so proud of the progress we have made... we truly started at the bottom... not at the top now, but we are on the right track... All this means nothing without you to share it with.

* Don't forget to eat dinner.*

- Justin


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