July 2017

The guilt is real today. I was fine this morning and a damn song in the car on the way home from work brought the pain to the surface.Is there a song that does that for you? I guess they change depending on timing and the situation. I don't even remember what damn song it was... isn't that bad? WTF am I going through? When did I become such a little b----? Why can't I bounce back from this like I have my entire life? My only guess is because I have never loved anyone like I love her... I have never trusted anyone like that before... I have never been so open with someone before in my life... here I go, being a b---- again.

Can't keep letting your brain circulate like this man, it's f---ing you up pretty bad. Your work is slacking. You cant let this f--- up everything else in your life... don't lose it all man! So behind on imaging... Can't keep up with everything right now... hard to stay focused. Make yourself proud man. Don't add to the regret... don't you f---ing dare!

It f---ing hurts to breathe. My house smells like hot dogs and old vitamins..eh.

I'm Only Human - Rittz

- Justin


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