I love music, I love to sing, dance and rock out BUT I am awful at it. I have tried guitar like a million and one times and I know maybe 2 chords (which is about as much as lot of successful bands if you ask me...) but I just cant get the knack for it, I am too impatient! Anyway so I go out shopping the other day and low and behold I see this bass, and it is awesome (at least to me) hot pink, with pink strings AND it was used AND I just happened to have enough to buy it. Do I know how to play bass? NOPE... well I bought it... I can play all of 3 songs and I'm not too bad! (as in I'm very bad but not as bad as I was at guitar.)

Wanted to share my excitement, this will either be something that I work hard at (I won't be any good but still) and enjoy OR I play for 2 months then let it sit and look pretty in my living room.