Michigan Bass Season Opens Saturday
Michigan Bass Season is opening. While you can catch-and-release on all waters all year. The official catch-and-keep on all waters including Great Lakes opens Saturday, May 23 - December 31st.

Geek Out With Wayland Gear - Mitch Arnold's Gear [Video]
Wayland's show with Royal Bliss on Saturday night was fantastic! Hopefully you were one of the people at the show, rocking hard with us!
Before the show, I met up with the guys to film some cool bits with the band of their gear. I've always loved the rig rundowns and gear tours, and wa…
Flashback Friday - Johnnie's Past Memorial Day Weekends
It's Memorial Day Weekend, when we remember those who have served our country, and those that have given their lives for us. We usually have a lot of things planned for the family, fun things to celebrate our freedoms.
Back in El Paso, they're having the annual KLAQ Balloonfest, with some big bands p…
How Does Royal Blood Get that Huge Sound with Only Two Guys?
The band Royal Blood has had an almost meteoric rise this year.  Since getting together in January of 2012, the band has played a few small shows, and then moved quickly into large venues, opening for bigger bands, in front of 30,000 people!
Their debut album, Royal Blood, has sold a bunch of copies,…
Funny Things Bassists Say in the Studio
To continue our assault of every member of a band, here's another "what people say in the studio" video.  This guy pretty much nails band members with his parodies of what people say in the studio when they're not prepared.
It's pretty funny, but think of how much money people wasted in the…
Check Out Chevelle's Guitar and Bass Rigs with Sam and Dean
A few weeks ago, Chevelle came into town with Nothing More and Middle Class Rut to rock The Orbit Room.  Chevelle has such a huge sound for having only 3 guys on stage, and if you're wondering how they get that sound, this is the video for you!
Pete goes over his guitars and his baritone collection, …
Jackie's Bass
I love music, I love to sing, dance and rock out BUT I am awful at it. I have tried guitar like a million and one times and I know maybe 2 chords (which is about as much as lot of successful bands if you ask me...) but I just cant get the knack for it, I am too impatient...