The band Royal Blood has had an almost meteoric rise this year.  Since getting together in January of 2012, the band has played a few small shows, and then moved quickly into large venues, opening for bigger bands, in front of 30,000 people!

Their debut album, Royal Blood, has sold a bunch of copies, and their songs "Out of the Black", and "Figure It Out" have gotten a lot of attention, and have been top 5 singles for quite a while this year.

Their sound is a bit different, and comes from being generated by only two guys!

Mike plays bass and sings, and Ben plays the drums.  They never even considered getting anyone else in the band, and they went about making an enormous sound.

Check out this cool, short documentary, talking about the formation and growth of the band, and then part two covers the recording of the album.

And if you want to get that sound, I've got a video that shows how to set up your gear (and what to buy) to recreate that cool, huge sound!

Making the album, part 1:

Making the album, part 2:

How to get the Royal Blood guitar/bass sound:

Watch Royal Blood perform the songs: