Wayland's show with Royal Bliss on Saturday night was fantastic! Hopefully you were one of the people at the show, rocking hard with us!

Before the show, I met up with the guys to film some cool bits with the band of their gear. I've always loved the rig rundowns and gear tours, and wanted to do them with the guys. Little did I know, they've always loved them, too, and wanted to do them!

Check out Phil's guitar guitar gear tour. He's got several beautiful guitars out on the road with him, including a nice Gibson "Lucille", a couple 335s, a Les Paul, and a Firebird. All have customizations to them. He's got some cool pedals on his board to get different sounds, and you might be surprised at his choice of amp! He doesn't go for the most wattage, but something that sounds good that can be cranked up.

These are always fun, and it's cool to geek out with the gear bands use on the road and in the studio. Check out the other gear tours, with Dean, Tyler, and Mitch!

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