Back in the '80s, Dokken was a huge band.

The group played all over the world to sold-out shows, and had super-huge hair.

The band's members stalked by hot chicks, and lived the rock star lifestyle. They also had a lot of cool guitars.

Apparently, one of the bass guitars that Jeff Pilson owned, a favorite 1985 Spector bass, went missing somewhere along the way -- and Jeff was bummed.

Not long after, a guy bought the bass in a store, after being told that it had been previously owned by Jeff Pilson, and sold. The guy used the bass for many years, playing all his gigs and recordings with it -- and eventually became friends with Pilson.

One day, Jeff recounted the sadness of losing this great bass back in the day, and described the bass as the one this guy had bought in the store.

Does the guy immediately say, "Hey man, I bought that bass at a store, and I have it"?

You guessed it. Nope.

He decides to "wait for the right time" to tell his friend that he's had the bass all this time.

The right time was apparently about 15 years! He recently took the bass to Jeff and told him the story. It's really cool that he gave the bass back, but couldn't he have done that a BIT earlier than 15 YEARS?

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