If you're got some time off, you may want to stay at Michigan's most expensive Airbnb!

You can ball out with your next Airbnb getaway.

Airbnbs are typically on the cheaper end, however, everyone deserves to treat themselves if they can!

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This Airbnb took the prize as the most expensive one in Michigan by Joybird.

Joybird says that they,

searched each state for the most expensive Airbnb rental in July, the costliest and most popular month for vacation rentals in the U.S.

With a dry sauna, exercise room, backyard with two charcoal grills, built-in bar, poker room, and exercise room, you can do a lot at this Michigan Airbnb.

Wendy via Airbnb
Wendy via Airbnb

Also, to seal the deal, breakfast is provided while you stay at the most expensive Airbnb in the state of Michigan.

However, the real question is...

Is this Airbnb worth the expensive price? Scroll below to take a peek inside.

Take A Look At The Most Expensive AirBnb In Michigan

Gallery Credit: Lisha B

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