You may or may not be aware that Michigan is the home of one of America's favorite breakfast treats, the Pop-Tart. This iconic Kellogg's breakfast pastry was invented by Grand Rapids native William "Bill" Post back in 1964.

Credit: MKD Funeral Home / The Vintage Company via YouTube
Credit: MKD Funeral Home / The Vintage Company via YouTube

When he unveiled those first flavors, strawberry, cinnamon sugar, blueberry, and apple currant, he probably never imagined what it would turn into by the time he passed away nearly 60 years later. Now we're looking at over 20 flavors, with new ones being announced every year.

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And with a breakfast staple so iconic, it's obviously a sad time when we find out that the person who gave us these parts of a balanced breakfast, is no longer here with us. When the news broke on social media, X users (formally Twitter) started to pay tribute to their favorite toaster snack.

One of the main reasons why this went as viral as it did was because just last month, the internet went wild when the Pop-Tarts Bowl featured an edible mascot that the world fell in love with.

@poptarts Still thinking about those sweet crumbs… 😮‍💨 #RIP #poptarts ♬ In Loving Memory - King Felix

And many of the tributes to Bill Post included references to this hilarious character:

  Meanwhile, someone dropped a Mean Girls reference that almost made me spit out my coffee

I'm not sure if Mr. Post would find these jokes funny, but they are making the internet smile just like his pastries did for us as kids every morning. Thank you for such a great treat, and even better memes.

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