Artists tend to resent when their band is given a specific label, and nu-metal was one of the most scoffed at genre names for a long time. But how does Chad Gray feel about Mudvayne being called nu-metal?

Korn are often considered one of the bands that really spearheaded the nu-metal movement in the mid-'90s, opening the door for later bands such as Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, Deftones and Papa Roach to all become part of the same classification. Yes, a lot of the bands that were part of the early nu-metal foundation sounded very distinct from one another, but there were elements that their music shared, especially within the rhythm section of the band and the vocal deliveries.

Gray was asked about the nu-metal revival during an interview with Revolver, particularly how he feels about his band falling under the umbrella.

"I mean, I don't think we can deny it. We came up in the middle of all that shit. We do have a level of prog to us, and there were definitely some progressive elements. But I think that kind of stopped with the band, because what I brought to it was more... I felt like I had more of that nu-metally vocal. [Greg Tribbett] was into it, too. We were into nu-metal. Like, fucking Matt [McDonough] probably could give two shits, you know what I mean?" the vocalist responded.

While Gray named Metallica, Slayer and Pantera as three major influences on himself and Tribbett musically, he said they were equally impacted by Korn's debut album, Deftones and Machine Head.

"I think there were nu-metal elements to us, because [Greg] didn't play leads. The fucking riff in 'Death Blooms,' 'Nothing to Gein.' Any of those early riffs, man, they're very nu-metal-forward, I think. But it basically stops there. It stops with the riff, and it stops with the vocals. Ryan [Martinie] is definitely doing his thing. Matt is definitely doing his thing. And they're not necessarily doing their things together," Gray elaborated on Mudvayne's sound.

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Later in the discussion, the frontman touched upon the new music Mudvayne has been working on, confirming that they have four songs in the bag that are "really exciting." However, they aren't dead-set on releasing any new music unless they know their fans really want to hear it. Otherwise, they'll just continue touring behind the catalog they already have.

Mudvayne are currently on the road with Coal ChamberGWARNonpoint and Butcher Babies. Their next show will take place tomorrow night (Aug 12) in Dallas, Texas, and you can see the rest of the upcoming dates here.

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