Every Tuesday of this month, the Wealthy Theater will be playing a re-release of Star Wars so if you know someone who hasn't seen the classics yet, now is the time.

Starting next week the wealthy theater will be showing the "first" 3 episodes of Star Wars, in order of their release and people are somewhat divided. After all, Star wars has to be not only one of the most iconic film series of all time, but also will be debated until the end of time as to what order the movies should be watched.

The shows kick off with "A New Hope" (1977) August 13th at 8 pm. While A New Hope was the first ever star wars movie to be released, it is still the fourth episode in the series. August 20th the theater will show The Empire Strikes Back and on the 27th will be Return of the Jedi.

So what's the big deal? All of those movies follow each other, not only in order of release date, but in story as well. So why are people raising a stink? Well, A Phantom Menace (1999) is "technically" the first movie in the story, so to some the theater is picking up in the middle of the plot.

Whatever, they are good movies and it's only $6 a show ($5 for members).

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