Like many of you, the pandemic can has really added some stress so on the weekends I do odd jobs around the house to free my mind - this weekend it's plant flowers.

In one way, I'm one of the lucky ones who is considered an essential worker so most all of my awake time is dedicated to my job and that cuts down on the time I would have to think about the pandemic and believe I would be more stressed than usual.

Now don't get me wrong, I think about it every day in the way of wearing gloves, my mask, avoiding people, watching what I touch, not touching my face, washing my hands, so yes, it's on my mind in those ways.

I would be crazy to think things have not changed at work and like many businesses, radio has changed. So, I am working even longer hours than before, probably just like you.

The weekend is where there is more idle time, and yes, I do work a little on weekends, too, but I try and fill the other gaps to get me outside and give me things to look forward to.

Since getting my old farm house, I have yet to make the proper flower beds around the house and fix up some of the existing flowers and bushes that have already been planted.

To free my mind this weekend, I'm getting up bright and early and will dig up the areas where I plan to plant some flowers and bushes around my house. I am going to clean up some bushes that are already there and a couple roses that have been planted.

I will say one thing, the lady that lived in the house before me, has something that blooms almost every month from now until the fall. I observed what was there last year and developed a plan but now it's time to put it into place.

I have a pretty aggressive plan that will take two full days, but because of the rain on Sunday, I'm gonna try and work a miracle and do it in one day.

The good thing is, I have a plan and something to do this weekend to free my mind. If I don't get it all done, my goal will be to finish it next weekend. Regardless, I already know the fresh air will do me good and my mind will be focused on making my place look better and that makes me happy.

Good luck on your project this weekend and wish me luck on mine.

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