In the market for a cheap-ass Chevy Trailblazer with a healthy helping of honesty?

This Grand Rapids' Craigslist ad is something you need to see. 

Somehow our seller, who goes by Andy and is located somewhere in Kentwood, got roped into selling his friend's 2003 Chevy Traiblazer. It's priced at $750... which Andy knows is quite low.

He explains,

As you can see this price is a bit low so I will tell you the sh---- problems it has soon, this isn't a scammer asking for your email... f--- email.

Well alright then. And it just gets more honest from there. While there are some good things about the vehicle: "It runs perfect and drives fine"...

We soon get into the "sh---- problems" part:

It isn't shifting into 3rd gear, I don't know what is wrong with it yet but the fluid was low when I checked it but I am dumb and might have checked the windshield washer fluid for all I know."

Andy admits to being mildly lazy as well,

Lastly the heater blower isn't working and the exhaust has a leak or a pipe broke...I didn't feel like crawling on the floor cause I'm kind of fat."

At least the interior is pretty clean... sort of...

Interior isn't the cleanest but I'm working on cleaning it whenever I drink by myself in the garage so it's getting better."

Interested? If you'd like to, as Andy puts it, "come see it in all its glory", check out the rest of the ad here.

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