Meet Huckleberry.  Huck lives in Austin, Texas with his owners and he's the talk of the town because he's frequently seen sitting on the roof of his owners' house.  

Every time Huckleberry is outside, he gets access to the roof via a low roofline in the backyard.  Once up there, Huck makes his way to the front of the house where he just sits there and watches cars pass by.  Not surprisingly, this causes people passing the house to stop and knock on the door to alert Huck's owners.  It has happened so much, in fact, that the family has actually posted a sign on the door telling people that there's no need to knock, as this is a fairly common occurrence!

So next time you're driving through Austin and you see a dog on a roof, pull out your phone and tag Huck the roof dog and post it to Instagram!

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