Highly Suspect's show at the Stache on November 17th was a great show! Yes, it was a bit rainy outside, but that didn't stop people from packing into the front room of the Intersection for a great set with Red Legs and Devin and the Dead Frets!

Highly Suspect hit the stage about 9:30, with "Lost" and "Bath Salts", and rocked the crowd with a great set of bluesy, kick ass rock.

The Brooklyn, New York trip have a huge sound, and are a really tight, solid band with a cool sound. Even with the drummer incredibly sick, the guys hit things hard, and rocked the hell out of every note!

The moment in "Lydia" where the whole crowd screamed out "I can fucking breathe" was an amazing moment in the show, and you could tell the band had everyone with them for the show!

If you missed the show, make sure you don't miss the next time Highly Suspect comes to town. Great band, fantastic set!