The Saugatuck deer is becoming the most famous deer in Michigan.

After partying with beach-goers over the July 4th weekend, he's back! Except for this time, he's crashing engagements. MLive reports that it was Wednesday night when Jake Lee took his girlfriend of 2 ½ years to the Saugatuck Dunes State Park to propose. It was shortly afterward when the buck came through and made the special moment that much more special. Colbie Wakeley posted the oh-so-awesome photobomb on her Facebook page.

Colbie told MLive:

At this point, the deer became a part of the engagement. No one was trying to get him out of the pictures. It made it almost that much more special that something this rare occurred.

It's obvious this deer is friendly and accustomed to people but just a reminder not to feed him or pet if you do stumble upon him [or any other deer]. Considering it's a wild animal, the Michigan DNR worries that he may become dangerous in the future.

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