Calling all musicians in West Michigan, if you’re itching to create and show off your talents, Mercy Health St. Mary's has a project for you, to create, and be a part of a community give-back.

Mercy Health St. Mary's is looking for musicians and singers to send a video of them performing the Mercy Health theme song "You & I", which they want to use to create a video salute to our front line heroes in West Michigan.

A representative for the project told us,

In an effort to lift the spirits of our front line colleagues and everyone doing their part to keep service running while flattening the curve, Mercy Health is asking for community members and bands to send in their own rendition of our health care systems theme song

The song is only about a minute long, and the music & lyrics are below.

sheet music & lyrics: you and I - lead sheet C

To get an idea of what they're looking to do, here's the salute St. Joseph Mercy Health did:

 Now Mercy Health Saint Mary's is looking to do the same, but with West Michigan artists, saluting West Michigan heroes.

The project is moving along quickly too, so if you’re interested in being a part of the song, then start practicing and get your video together and submitted HERE or the link below.

Here's the sheet music and lyrics: you and I - lead sheet C

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