Imagine driving home on a Sunday night and all of a sudden you notice an adult film being played on a massive digital billboard alongside a major freeway.  Well, if you live in Auburn Hills, Michigan, you didn't have to imagine because last night it happened.

At 11 pm on Sunday night, an adult film played for about 30 minutes on a digital billboard on I-75.  According to, police are trying to figure out how the video ended up being played and whether or not it was a hacker and/or a disgruntled employee.

The comments that came from this story were pretty hilarious, so much so, we've picked out a couple of gems.

"It would have been funnier if it happened at 69 and Big Beaver" - Terry2
"I was wondering why I was getting so many friends requests today." - Jim Cronkhite
"How many people get off at this exit every day?" - Christopher Loeffler

And there was this interview...

More information is expected to be released about the incident sometime today and we will update you once that happens.

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