Some people like sushi so much, that they are willing to sword fight if it doesn't meet their high standards.

Are You Willing to Fight Over Your Favorite Food?

My favorite food is pizza. I can eat frozen pizza, homemade pizza, or restaurant pizza, it doesn't matter where it is from I will eat it even if I don't like the toppings. If there is something on a pizza that I don't like, I pick it off and keep on eating.

I love pizza, but am I willing to fight about it? No. I don't care who gets the last slice, or even if it is not the best I have ever had it seems trivial to fight about pizza or any food, but not everyone feels the same way.

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'Subpar Sushi' Leads to 'Sword Fight' in Northern Michigan

I know nothing about sushi since I have never eaten it. I prefer my food cooked but for those who love it...touche. I asked a friend who loves sushi if she would sword fight over subpar sushi and her answer was a resounding "no". I did go on to ask what is considered good sushi and she said, "First the rice, I can always tell good sushi by the freshness of the rice. If the sushi is fresh and seasoned well, it won't be dry or flavorless."  Maybe the latter was the problem for a northern Michigan man.

According to Up North Live, a 27-year-old Traverse City man brought some sushi to a homeless camp in the woods and a 20-year-old man did not like it, referring to it as "subpar sushi." I guess the homeless in Traverse City are picky.

The man then grabbed a machete or a hatchet and began swinging it around at the other man who grabbed a shovel. The two then began a sword fight. A third man grabbed some feces (I guess that was available) and threw it at the man who brought the sushi.

By the time the Traverse City Police arrived, the aggressor (suspect) had bailed from the scene. The police found the man the next day and arrested him. I bet the local judge was stunned when he was asked to sign a warrant to search the homeless man's tent, but he signed it and the police did the search but didn't find the weapon. Another homeless man allowed police to search a different tent and that is when they discovered three hatchets and two shovels which then became evidence.

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