Before Saturday night's Pop Evil concert at 20 Monroe Live, the band allowed us to bring some GRD winners in to learn about what happens behind the scenes at a rock show. We even got them on stage with the band!

Check out the video to see a little bit of what went on. We got a full tour of the production, learning about the various jobs of the crew, and what it takes to put on a show at 20 Monroe Live. We saw the cool merch getting autographed for sale at the show, talk to the light and sound guys, check out Guitar World, stage monitors, and more!

This was a nice, long, comprehensive tour of the show, and everyone learned some really cool stuff about the band and tour.

Then, the band hit the stage for their sound check. This was a warts-and-all sound check, like the band does it every night, and the winners got to see everything.

Then, our Grand Prize winner Ashley, a huge fan, got to jump on stage and play "100 in a 55", which the band was really excited about! She'd learned the songs on our list, but threw a curve ball, and the guys were up for it.

You get to see Ashley's entire song performance with the band. While she may not be forming a band anytime soon, she got to do something awesome, that a lot of people don't get to do.

Keep listening to GRD for chances to win cool stuff, and you never know what you might get to do!

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