The Grandville High school wrestling team has been disqualified from post-season competition because the state high school athletic association says that they broke a rule.

“Grandville High School has been withdrawn from the Michigan High School Athletic Association Team Dual Wrestling Tournament as a result of exceeding the limit of regular-season days of competition during the 2015-16 season,” the organization posted on the website.

The Grandville team wrestled in 15 matches, which is one more than what is allowed. Wrestling more than 14 times in a season is considered to be an unfair competitive advantage.

Grandville's team is ranked fifth in the state.

It's not just that the team has been disqualified from the post-season, individual wrestlers can't compete for weight class championships either.

The school is appealing their disqualification to the Michigan High School Athletic Association.

Fans, team members, parents, classmates, and even competitors have taken to Twitter to show their support for the Grandville wrestlers, using the hashtag #LetGrandvilleWrestle.

Post season tournament competition begins Feb. 10.