Since the inauguration, Bernie Sanders and his mittens have been EVERYWHERE. He's been meme-d onto album covers, into TV shows and movies, and even all around West Michigan-- and now, into a Grand Rapids' real estate listing, causing it to go viral.

Tiffany Szakal, a West Michigan real estate agent who owns I Heart GR Real Estate, tells WZZM-13,

"I fell in love with the Bernie Sanders meme. One of our homes in East Hills had to be put back on the market and I thought that Bernie Sanders is a whole mood right now, and he's exactly what we need."

Szakal and her team popped the now-famous image of the Vermont senator all bundled up at the inauguration into a couple photos of the home at 321/325 Donald Place SE and shared the listing on social media.

Szakal says she knew it was a risk, but tells WZZM-13 "adding the Bernie meme was not intended to be politically divisive; it was to ride the wave of a current internet sensation, with the hopes of starting conversation about this home."

And start a conversation it has! One of the posts on social media took off, getting more than 50,000 likes, and then was picked up by Twitter, Reddit, and featured by

And much like the Bernie inaguration meme is everywhere, Szakal says she's been getting calls from everywhere! Folks as far away from California are interested in the house.

You can check out pictures of the house the gallery below! You'll find Senator Sanders chillin' on the front porch and mulling about in the kitchen with that big envelope (What's in the envelope Bernie? What. Is. It?!) tucked under his arm.

Located in East Hills, the house is exclusively for a low income buyer. It's got 4 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and is priced at $144,900. According to the listing, it's blocks from Wealthy Street favorites such as Outdoor Coffee Company, Uncle Cheetah’s Soup Shop, Wealthy Theatre and more.

Bernie Meme Helps GR Real Estate Listing Go Viral

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