On April 1, a Grand Rapids business announced that they would be opening a puppy cafe. It was an April Fools' Day joke, but some people aren't too happy about it.

Happy Cat Cafe played an April Fools' Day joke with a detailed announcement on Facebook about their newest project, a puppy cafe. Some dog lovers were thrilled with the announcement only to later find disappointment.

The Facebook post has nearly 1,000 comments. Many did not take the joke in stride calling it a "cruel joke" or saying "that's a really terrible thing to joke about." Others didn't understand why some were so upset or why they couldn't take the joke.

Here's the entire Facebook post from Happy Cat Cafe:

We are THRILLED to finally share our news! We’ve been hiding something from you..  We’re opening a puppy cafe! In the same building as Happy Cat, we’ve been constructing our home for our puppy palace. All pups will be adoptable rescues, coffee will be served, and fun will be had. Similar to the ventilation system at Happy Cat, all air from the puppy room will be directed outside and will not mix with the cafe air at all. They will have room to run and play, along with a separate/private space for them to do their business. Since the puppies are a bit bigger and more energetic than cats, we can only fit 8 of them comfortably in the room at a time, compared to the 12 cats at Happy Cat. We have helped almost 200 cats find their homes, so why not start with dogs too? ❤️ If all goes smoothly, we are planned to open in 2020! We can’t wait for you to see it! @ Grand Rapids, Michigan **UPDATE: Happy April Fools! **

A good joke or did they go too far?

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