In both gross-for-the-rest-of-us and bad-for-your-boyfriend news, Buffalo has presented us with this gem on Craigslist missed connections:

(via Craigslist on my phone)

Depending on how desperate I feel at any given moment, this either makes me want to move immediately to Buffalo and start going to Bills games, or never even visit the town, and avoid stadium seating altogether.

I'm leaning toward hanging out in stadiums right at the moment, just so you know.

This raises some questions, though.

  • What did the guy do about the mess in his pants?
  • What did she do about the mess all over her hand?
  • Did all of the handy recipient's friends fail to notice this going on?
  • How freaking long was her boyfriend away getting food? And did he get hot dogs, and now regrets that?
  • Very importantly - what's this girl's phone number?

And many, many more.