Elephant ears, cotton candy, lemonade, and corn dogs. Not only are these things the epitome of carnival food but also what summer is all about. Much to all of our chagrin, though, the coronavirus pandemic has put a strain on summer fun this year.

Since the majority of fairs and carnivals have been cancelled in Michigan so far, some vendors have taken it upon themselves to still give people that summer taste by offering drive-thru food and this weekend the Rivertown Crossings Mall in Grandville is where it's at.

All weekend long they have a Carnival Food Drive-Thru featuring your favorite carnival foods such as funnel cakes, elephant ears, hot dogs, sausages, corn dogs, deep fried Oreos, caramel apples, slushies, lemonade, fries, and much more food to take care of that fix.

The event is drive-thru only at the northeast parking lot near Dick's Sporting Goods. The event will be from 11a-7p Saturday and Sunday. Cash is preferred but cards are accepted.

Hopefully, this carnival food drive-thru trend continues throughout the summer otherwise how would we satisfy our cravings? Elephant ears are a novelty that I only enjoy about once a year so it's nice to have that option to eat one and transport me back to my childhood and the excitement of being at a fair.

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