There are quite a few Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games out there. The first game that we ever saw was insanely difficult and was more focused on the comic than the TV show. TMNT 2 was based off of the Arcade game, then their was the 3rd, which just kicked a ton of a**!

What: Shredder is up to his old antics again, but this time he is going to take the entire city! Seriously, uproot the entire city and take it away! This sounds like a job for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Grab a buddy and save the city!

Why: It's an old fashioned side-scroller beat em' up! Move to the right and just take out Foot Soldiers, simple enough right? The cool thing about this one though is that they vastly improved the control on this game from the previous game. They added a couple different move sets, which by far the best one is when you can flip the Foot Soldier over the Turtles head and it's a one hit kill! Just press Down and B and this move will save you many headaches.

Another thing about this game is the variety of levels, one of my favorite being the Bridge level. It's when you are first introduced to these rock dudes that are quite difficult, but it's one of those enemies that I will never forget. I will say though, that even though you have these better controls, the game is still extremely difficult, just like and TMNT game.

I used to rent this game constantly from Video Tyme on Leonard St. You know when you have those random memories that really have no meaning, but you can picture it exactly? TMNT III is one of those memories for me, where I remember being a little kid sitting on the end of a bed and playing TMNT III, specifically the Bridge level.

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