As a game collector, there are a few games that I know I will probably never own and I have come to terms with that.

Just a simple search for some of these games online or on eBay will make go bonkers with how much some of these game carts are going's crazy!

Here is a quick list of just some games, that you will never be able to afford or never find at a garage sale.

Disclaimer: Maybe you have a really big disposable income and you can afford a few of these. I however, can't.

  • Nintendo World Championships (Gold or Grey NES Cart)

    The Nintendo World Championships game cartridges are some of the most rarest game carts ever created by Nintendo. The game features a few challenges with some classic NES games like Rad Racer, Super Mario Bros, and Tetris. Basically the point of the game was to get the fastest time and the highest score.

    The grey carts were actual carts that were used in the 1990 Nintendo World Championships at Universal Studios in Florida.

    Only 90 of these grey cart exist and were handed out to the finalist of the competition.

    As for the Gold Cart, only 26 were given out through a simple Nintendo Power competition where you mailed in a form and hope that you won!

    Both of these carts can easily grab over $10,000 per cart. The Gold cart however can go higher than $20,000 in some auctions.

  • Super Star Fox Weekend (SNES)

    Super Star Fox Weekend is a cart that has been gaining popularity over the years and at one time could be purchased through Nintendo themselves!

    During the release of the game in 1993, malls and retailers all around the world had a SNES console in their stores with the Super Star Fox Weekend cart in their store display. People could play and compete for the highest score.

    It featured the first couple levels of the game and a special level that was not featured in the original game.

    Nintendo eventually sold a select amount of these rare carts though their Nintendo Power Supplies catalog for around $45 each.

    Nowadays, a Super Star Fox Weekend cart will pop up on eBay commanding a HUGE price of $2000!

    Quite a bit more from $45 right?

  • Nintendo Powerfest '94 (SNES)

    Due to the success of the Nintendo World Championships and previous other competitions, Nintendo kept the competition going with the Nintendo Powerfest 1994 competition.

    Like the NWC, certain game carts made their way around to certain cities for people to participate and log in a high score. However, this was during the Super Nintendo era, so you could get high scores and fast times in Super Mario Bros: Lost Levels, Super Mario Kart, and Ken Griffey Baseball.

    If you thought the NES carts were rare, this one is even RARER!

    Nintendo produced only 33 specialized carts of this game to be used in the competition and a majority of the game carts were sent back to Nintendo for them to be used for parts.

    However, two of the carts were never returned and are still around today. One of them was put on an auction for $300,000 with no bidders.

    The other was found was randomly found by a collector and purchased for only $12,000.'ll never own this game. However, you can purchase a reproduction of it here.

  • Nintendo Campus Challenge '92 & '92

    At one point in Nintendo history, they traveled around to certain college campus' to have another competition, once again similar to the original NWC.

    This time however, they did it for 2 years. One year was dedicated to NES games and the following year was dedicated to SNES games.

    During the 1991 challenge, players had to get high scores and fast time in Super Mario Bros. 3, PinBot, and Dr. Mario. In 1992, players had to get high scores in F-Zero, Pilotwings, and Super Mario World.

    For 1991 cart, there is only ONE known cart to exist and it was AMAZINGLY found at a garage sale in 2006 by a very lucky collector. He sold the game to another collector for $14,000, which then that collector sold that game for a whopping, $20, 100!

    As for the 1992 cart, there are reportedly only 3 to exist. One of them was found at the SAME GARAGE SALE as the 1991 cart and another was found in a former employees attic of someone who did Nintendo events.

    Finding it in an attic? It's like something from Indiana Jones!

  • Donkey Kong Country Competition (SNES)

    Surprisingly I remember when this all occurred. Going to Blockbuster Video was the thing you did in the '90's! Renting video games something I always looked forward to on the weekends!

    I remember heading to Blockbuster one day and seeing some kids playing this game and wondering what it was, it was the Blockbuster Game Competition 2.

    This game cart was sent to Blockbusters all around the nation and people competed for prizes.

    After the competition was done, Blockbuster employees put leftover carts in bins to sell and some were sold directly through Nintendo like the Super Star Fox Weekend cart.

    Apparently 2,500 of these carts were created so it's less rare than the others, but still rare none the less.

    Going price lately? Around $2000