First, am I the only one who didn't completely HATE the first one? Was it the best movie ever filmed? No. Was it the worst? No. Yes, it had some weird issues, but it was fun, and the turtles looked better than the bad suits from the early movies.

But after the original movie, things went south. Didn't they learn their lesson from that horrible sequel, so they would make a better sequel this time around?

Doesn't look like it.

The first movie seemed dark and cool, this one looks like it's taking the same turn the original sequel did, and expanding into silliness. Yes, I know it's a comic book, and they're freaking ninja turtles, but I'm also not five. I want something I will enjoy more than just incredibly silly characters who do a little action.

But there is a shot of Megan Fox showing cleavage randomly, so it won't be ALL bad.

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