Have you ever played the first Metroid game on the original Nintendo?

If I could sum up the game in a few words, I would call it, 'Rat in a Maze'

Many consider this game a classic of the original Nintendo, and while I do feel that this is a classic game, it is still one of the hardest damn games I have ever played.

Not only is it hard to find where you are supposed to go, but the game is hard as balls!

I really do try to play this game, but the fact that there is no in game map or anything, I quickly lose the inspiration to play the game. From the moment I grab Morph Ball, I basically lose all want to play the game.

While I think the game is great, I have little to no motivation to play it. It wasn't until Super Metroid that I really got into the series, but the first one just never really appealed to me.

Maybe someday, when I have absolutely nothing to do and have the patience of a saint, I will sit down and figure this damn game out.

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