Metalhead Ned Chats with Grand Rapids Symphony on Upcoming Video Game Concert [Video]
On February 7th, DeVos Performance Hall will be filled with the music of video games. Music that I am sure if you play older or newer video games, you will recognize the moment you hear it. It is some of the most celebrated music in history, and it overall just kicks ass! Sean & Sam of the GR Symphony stopped by the WGRD studios to talk video game music with station nerd Metalhead Ned. Read Mo
Metalhead Ned’s Gaming Collection Peek – Metroid [Alternate Artwork]
Metroid is one of the most difficult games that has ever existed for the NES. Sadly I don't really have the patience for this game. That doesn't necessarily mean that it's a bad game, but this one just isn't for me. Super Metroid on the other hand is amazing! This one, I REALLY felt lost. However, there is a 2 different artworks for this game.