This game gave me so much stress as a kid, I am pretty sure I developed some sort of psychological complex to where I just see this game in my collection, I get angry! I mean seriously, this game was meant for kids, so why does it have to be so DIFFICULT! If you know about this game, I am sure that you broke at least 8 controllers from playing it.

What: The Lion King is a platformer based on the popular Disney animated movie. You play as kid Simba and adult Simba going through the Pridelands with the ultimate goal of defeating your evil Uncle and reclaiming your throne as the King!

Why: This is one of the first games I owned for my Sega Genesis and I loved the game! As a kid though, I was just having fun playing as a freakin' lion. Today though, this game frustrates me to no end. So why should you play it? Well, this is a game that you shouldn't allow to beat you! Don't let the game rule your life! The game is possible to complete, trust me, after 6 hours of restarting, my friend and I got through it can be done....

The game on the other hand does have good control and great animation, follows the movie pretty well too! But why was it so hard? Lastability, that's the word of this game. You got your money's worth with this one.

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