Mini golf is a pretty fun game. It has been forever since I have gone to a mini-golf course. Getting around the damn spinning windmill is always a biotch. You know what would amp up mini-golf though? Tornadoes, Spiky dudes, spinning floors, etc! You might not find these on your typical courses, but you will find them in Kirby's Dream Course.

What: Kirby's Dream Course takes the familiar pink puffball Kirby and turns him into a GOLF BALL! Battle each of the courses while hitting all of the enemies and grab the stars to reach the end!

Why: It is an easy to learn game that pretty much anyone can get the hang of. Each course is more challenging than the last, but this game is best played with a second player. Single player isn't to bad, but nothing beats the competition you get from each other grabbing the stars for the highest score. Being precise on your shots is extremely important because that shot could mean success or complete failure! Another good part is the fact that even though your are getting beaten badly in the majority of the game, you can rise from the ashes and just dominate. It's a good balance, and provides a good amount of challenge. Check it out!