I have some friends coming to visit so I thought I would get the pontoon boat ready for the season.

Like you, I've had a lot of yard projects this year and have yet to really get out and enjoy some of this awesome weather we have been having.

I don't ever remember this many sunny and warm days in West Michigan since returning to the state, but it is now time to take advantage of the nice weather up ahead.

I picked up a pontoon boat a few years ago but have not really been able to use it as much as I would have liked to. I got it late in the summer of 2019 and thought "boy I will really get a lot of use out this boat in 2020". Then the pandemic hit. I only used it a couple times last year but hopefully that will change this year.

I live right by the Hardy Dam so it's easy to get the boat into the water but before that happens I have the yearly ritual of getting the pontoon ready for the water.

First, I had to get the covering off that the marina put on the boat to protect it over the winter and keep the critters out. I actually save the frame the marina built for the plastic covering they used to wrap the boat, I figured if they use it again when they wrap it again this year and maybe save me a couple dollars.

Last year when I put the boat up for the season, I forgot to power wash it so that was the next thing I got to. The boat was pretty clean since my guests and I really try and take care of it while we are using it.

I power washed the outside first since it was hot and the water would dry fast so I had time to wipe down before it spotted up. Then I power washed the inside and wiped it down and the boat looks brand new.

I put some Seafoam in the gas tank and the went and filled it up with gas. That Seafoam breaks down any collection in your fuel lines in your boat, cars, trucks, ATVs, snowmobiles, chainsaws, weed whackers, power washers, you name it, anything with an engine on it.

I put the batteries on charge when I got back. They charged while I did some yard work. About the time I finished my yard work the batteries were charged and then I put the roof top on to keep the sun from bleaching my seats.

I am a big believer in using my boat cover, the sun beating down on those seats after the morning dew each day can just ruin the seats on any kind of boat.

All I have to do this week is fill up my cooler and have it ready when my guests arrive and we should have a fine time out on the Hardy Pond.

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