Not too long ago, a story came out about a girl in Buffalo giving a handjob to a rando at a Bills' game. This was exciting news, and probably made ticket sales for Bills games go through the roof, as a bunch of lonely dudes went looking for her.

Now, a couple people are trying to out-mile-high-club the original!

Some Washington Redskins fans decided that their crappy cheap tickets high up in the endzone could actually be a blessing in disguise! They also have some willing girlfriends/wives to help with enjoy the game a BIT more than everyone else in the stadium, players included!

"It was totally BJ time at the Redskins tonight!" Sing THAT like you're Hank Williams, Jr.!

There's a link in the tweet above to the original image of ANOTHER couple getting to third base, even though it's a football game. (Is BJ third base? I can never remember the stupid baseball sex analogies.)

Anyone got any tickets for a football game I can have? This seems like the best place to start getting some action! You don't even have to bring your own girl, it's seems like these ladies are chomping at the bit (sorry for THAT image) to do some nasty with randos at a football game!

And of course, the dude in the Griffin III jersey seemed to have the hotter girl taking care of business...damn quarterbacks always get the best of everything!