So, this weekend, some of us went to the Festival of the Arts downtown, where they'd blocked off all the streets for the weekend festival. I went this year, and discovered something amazing! It should really be called the Festival of Food!

This was my first time, since I skipped the last couple years, thinking it was just a boring art thing, where people threw sunglasses on the floor, and people marveled at the amazing art. But it was mostly filled with food!

There are so many different food vendors and different types of food, it's really awesome! No matter what you want to eat, you're going to find it at this thing. From Chinese and Vietnamese, to Elephant Ears, Souvlaki, fried pickles and name it, there's someone selling it!

There was a bunch of stuff for sale I had no idea about. But we sampled a bunch of things, and had a good time.

There's also several stages scattered around with bands playing throughout the day. Depending on what you like, there will be bands you like, and bands you don't. But there's something for everyone.

Especially if you like food.

Next year, seriously, just forget the arts thing, and call it the Festival of Food. Everyone loves food.