A new Korean BBQ restaurant and karaoke bar downtown Grand Rapids that had originally been set to open prior to the pandemic has announced an opening date.

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K-ROK, located in the Campau Promenade near Panera and Z's Bar and Grill, has actually been in the works for about three years now, with owners working to transform the former hotel storage space, Wood TV 8 reported in March of 2020.

In a post to Facebook in July of 2020, K-ROK, which bills themselves "Downtown Grand Rapids' first Korean BBQ & Karaoke Bar" shared,

We were about 2 weeks out from opening before everything was shut down. At that point I don’t think anyone knew what the future for the restaurant industry was going to look like & we still don’t have much of an indication.... we do plan to open up & offer amazing Korean cuisine, karaoke & soju cocktails but when the time is right & safe for our employees & our guests. At this point we are waiting until we can operate at 100% capacity & will re-evaluate that decision as more information is available.

Well, the time to open has come!

K-ROK announced they'll be opening their doors July 15, 2021.

The owners also operate Emonae Korean BBQ, on 28th Street in Cascade Township. According to Wood TV 8  the menu at K-ROK is "expected to include Korean staples bulgogi, kalbi, and dolsot bibimbap, as well as Korean street food such as dukpokee."

You'll also be able to cook up your meal right at your table as each will have an inlaid LED grill! In terms of drinks, K-ROK will serve a variety of Korean beers, soju, and Korean soju cocktails.

I've never had soju, so I was curious about it! According to The Spruce Eats, its ABV varies from 16–45%:

Soju is a distilled spirit from Korea that's traditionally made from rice. It may be made from sweet potato, barley, tapioca, or wheat or any combination of the ingredients. he clear alcoholic beverage is sometimes called Korean vodka because of its neutral flavor. Though it's long been a favorite drink in Korea and is a perfect pairing for Korean cuisine, soju is enjoying increased popularity in the West.


Sold! I'm ready to try soju!

In terms of karaoke, Wood TV 8 reports that K-ROK has three private rooms that are expected to be available for rental by the hour.

K-ROK says to stay tuned for opening day details. Follow them on Facebook for updates!

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