WGRD Karaoke Madness from Jackie's Going Away Party!
Friday was Jackie's last day with us, and we're still a little sad, but we all got to go out and drink together on Friday night, so that's awesome!
Of course, Jackie and Ned freaking LOOOOVE their karaoke, too, so we had to go somewhere with it.  Little did we all know that our weekend guy, Justin, l…
Jackie Enters Karaoke Contest
Every Thursday I visit some friends of mine in Howard City and we go sing karaoke at a little bar near them. Last week they were hosting a karaoke contest and I figured why not enter. The twist to the contest was that you had to draw out of a hat the genre you were going to sing.
Jackie and Shaffee Crash a Holiday Party
Over the weekend, we had our company holiday party. And right next door, WOOD-TV8 was having its holiday party!
After Shaffee and I had pounded a few, we decided: Why not cross the hall over to new territory?
We were especially surprised to see the TV folks had karaoke at their party!
Jackie Loves Rock n Roll [VIDEO]
I love karaoke! I am not exactly an all star at it but it's still definitely a favorite past time of mine. Last night I traveled up north with some college friends, for a little holiday karaoke! Of course one of my friends got it on film...