Gnarls Barkley and Broken Bells DJ/producer Danger Mouse is working on a new project called Rome with Italian composer Daniele Luppi. Guest artists on the album include Jack White and Norah Jones.  In an interview with The Guardian, the two talked about how Rome was five years in the making.

Danger Mouse explains how Jack White came into the picture:

"For the lead vocalists, I definitely wanted a man and a woman.  The female vocal needed to be soft, not polarising.  But the male needed to have a bit more angst to it.  I played some of the music for Jack White when I was on tour shortly after doing the first session, just to show him what I was doing, because at the time everyone thought I was just a hip-hop guy, or whatever.  He liked it, but at the time I wasn't even thinking of using him – you know, it's Jack White.  But in the end, I thought, he's really into it – why not?  We all understood that if it didn't work, it didn't work.  But he tried it in different voices – a high voice, a low voice, and I thought, why don't we leave them all in?   And it sounded great.  There's a bunch of his vocals on Rose With the Broken Neck, and it doesn't always sound like him – sometimes you're like, is that Jack or not?"

No release date has been given yet for the record.